Ballygarry Estate Walk


Ballygarry Estate on the outskirts of Tralee has a little bit of everything.

With the grounds bordering Ballyseedy Woods and the recent addition of a large estate open to the public it makes a great destination for a family stroll followed by lunch or dinner.

The yellow route is about 2.5km long and a nice leisurely stroll. Perfect with younger children. There is a stream along alot of the route which our two preschoolers loved. Lots of little benches for rests and plenty of nature to keep them busy. The grounds around Ballygarry Hotel have lovely little ponds, a swing seat, fountain and huge chair that they loved too. A stop off for lunch or dinner mean it’s a great destination for someone looking for a relaxed family day.

The grey route will ultimately continue on in to Ballyseedy Woods (wasn’t linked as at May 2023) which will make this an even more impressive route. Before this opens the official entrance to Ballyseedy Woods is still just short 1 minute drive away along a country road.

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