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Hi there,

Thanks for visiting me at TheKerryMam.

I’m so excited to finally have a bit of my very own internet real estate! It’s something I’ve always wanted but having no experience in web design meant it was firmly on the ‘some day’ list.

But when my toddler missed out on a class I didn’t know about and I struggled to find information on alternatives the idea for the site was born. I put a list together and built thekerrymam website during naptimes learning all things web design and social media as I went (while on maternity leave with baby No.2).

It’s definitely a work in progress and I’m constantly learning something new …. and then having to go back and redo everything! But it’s come along way since June 2021 and I’ll continue working on improving it.

So full disclosure – I’m not originally from Kerry. I moved here to marry my lovely Kerryman so I’m not Kerry by blood. But it’s my home now and where I’ll raise my little family. As a new mum whose family & friends are scattered around the country I struggled to find services available in Kerry and also to meet new people (in fairness covid didn’t help!!) so I’m hoping this site might help both me and others find a little Kerry community.

I’d love your help and suggestions to build the most comprehensive body of information for all Kerry Mammys so please contact me with any suggestions or ideas on how I can improve the site.

There is no cost to have details added. I know this raises the question what’s in it for me … and currently it’s just a lot of learning and something to keep my brain active when Cocomelon is doing it’s best to break me! Maybe eventually I’ll try set up my own business and promote it through the site – who knows – I’ve no specific plans. For now I’m just enjoying building the site and learning about all Kerry has to offer.