Breastfeeding Support in kerry

Antenatal Supports for breastfeeding in Kerry

If you’re considering breastfeeding then there are antenatal supports available that are definitely worth looking into. I was not prepared and could have avoided a lot of stress if I’d done a bit more research in advance. See below for some options.

If your baby has already arrived then please check out our mother and baby/toddler page for details of supports.

Breastfeeding Kerry


Advice and lactation consultancy from Anna O’Donoghue.



Classes include antenatal, Vbac, breastfeeding preparation & more.

Latching On

Kerry / Limerick

One to one antenatal and postnatal breastfeeding consultations for parents in their own home or online. Also offers a free online breastfeeding support group on Facebook.

Rosy Births

Doula & Childbirth classes with Óisín Schots

Scotia Clinic


Small-group breast feeding classes with a lactation consultant, who will continue to support nursing mothers when they return home after delivery.

University Hospital Kerry

Online Videos

Videos by UHK on the benefits of breastfeeding, feeding cues, latch and more.