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Yummy Cafe Market


It might seem strange to put a cafe down as an activity but Yummy Cafe gets a special mention due to it’s play area.

We often combine this with a trip to the playground or walk around the park (only a short walk away). Or on lazy days we just potter through town and go here for breakfast or lunch.

There’s a children’s menu with all the usuals (pancakes in morning, lunch including sausage and chips, chicken and chips, pasta).  Good food and coffee. Sheltered outdoor area overlooking the playarea and plenty of indoor seating. Although at busy times you may need to wait for an indoor table.

Play area is for under 6s and has books and a little play kitchen, trucks, blocks etc. It’s gated (but kids come and go and often leave the gate open)

Plus it’s reasonably priced. Great place to meet other parents for a catch up.

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