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Cycle in Killarney National Park


Location: Killarney National Park

Description: Cycle to the top attractions in the park.

There are a number of options but the below link gives a good route to follow that is off-road to Muckross  House taking in most of the parks best bits. 

If you choose to continue on from Muckross House to Dinis Cottage note that it is a one-way system (still off-road) but that takes you onto a busy road (N71). 

We cycled this full loop through the park, to Dinis cottage and back to town along the N71 pretty often when living in Killarney (pre kids). It’s  a beautiful and relatively easy cycle and would be my top pick for families in the Killarney area.

To avoid having to cycle along the N71 back into Killarney consider leaving a car at the carpark on the (N71). Or organise a boat from Dinis cottage back to Muckross House.

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