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Ballyseedy Garden Centre


Ballyseedy Garden Centre

Ballyseedy, Tralee

Retail outlet with restaurant, indoor and outdoor seating, garden centre, children’s playground and concession stores.

Great place to kick back for a bite to eat while kids run around the playground. The food & coffee is really good. You can pick up some fab bits for your home and garden. There are picnic benches on the playground and lots of outdoor seating nearby so you can keep an eye on little ones as they play. Plus the ice cream parlour is a great addition.

Enclosed indoor play area was reintroduced in December 2022 (after closing during covid). Bigger and better than before. We love it here. But be warned - tables around the play area can fill up very fast on weekends.

Ballyseedy Woods are less than a 5 minute drive away if you fancy a walk. This is a weekend favourite for us. A walk in Ballyseedy woods followed by brunch / playground in Ballyseedy Garden Centre. Great way to fill a morning.

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