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Designer Minds STEAM Club


Autumn 2023 Term starts 16th September! Join Anytime! Try a Trial Club!

Designer Minds weekly clubs are for curious kids who love to design, create, code and experiment! Through fun, interactive activities, children from 1st to 6th class will become confident with Science, Design and Technology, the most sought-after skills of the century! Your child will get hands-on with new projects, challenges and experiments every week so they will never get bored.
13 weeks of mind-bendingly brilliant experiments, projects and challenges with a gang of like-minded kids, who all love Science, Design & Technology!

What To Expect:
Small, exclusive club with a very limited number of children.
An engaging range of STEAM activities (Club activities vary by location - see our website for full details www.designerminds.ie)
Lots of the latest and greatest kit, including robotics, tablets, computers, LEGO, science experiments and more.

If you would like to trial a club, you can book your place with a deposit of €60.


Suitable from Age:
1st Class to 1st Year

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