As at January 2023, in an effort to cover costs I’m working on ad placement options on the site. In order to ensure the site continues to be a quality source of information all listings will continue to be free. But there will now be the option to pay for increased visibility on the site. Businesses/Individuals can opt to just make a donation to help cover site costs or alternatively use one of the below options to advertise on the site.

Below is a guide. If you have a specific place you would like an advert placed please just let me know.

Banner Advert:

To advertise via a banner in search results just send on an image in size 800 pixels x 150 pixels along with a link of your choice.

  • Cost for banner is €10 per week or €30 for 4 weeks.
  • I can create a website page for your ad (€5 additional cost) or alternatively add a link of your choosing.

Summer Camps Pages

These adverts appear on the landing pages for Summer Camps in every County (above FAQs). So when someone Google’s ‘Summer camps in Clare’ this is where they would land. See here for location. The same advert appears for every County so if looking to advertise to families in Ireland or visiting Ireland over the Summer Months this is a good option.

* image size is 300 x 150 pixels with a link to website address of your choice.

* Cost for advert is €10 per week or €30 for 4 weeks.

Featured Listing:

Featured Listings appear at the top of relevant search pages but also on the side bar which is visible when you open any listing on the site. Image size 350 x 260 pixels.

  • Cost for a featured listing is €7 per week or €20 for 4 weeks.
  • When someone clicks on the featured listing it will take them to a page on TheKerryMam site where all your information is displayed. Please forward any content and/or images and/or links you’d like included on the page (no added cost for existing listings).

Payment Options

  • Following agreement re the content of your advert payment can be made via the buy me a coffee button here or via bank transfer to IBAN LT71 3250 0407 0653 6507 (TheKerryMam)

TheKerryMam reserves the right to a) refuse to publish an advert if it is not deemed suitable or b) remove an advert if content in a link is changed after advert being published – if this occurs you will not be refunded

Other Relevant Information

In 2022 TheKerryMam website had 120.6k page views from 29.5k visitors. As at July 2023 we have already surpassed 2022 visitor numbers.

We have over 5k combined followers on facebook and instagram – the vast majority of @thekerrymam followers are parents in Co. Kerry. We also now have a new dedicated Summer Camps social media (Deanky on Facebook and Deanky_kids on Instagram).

The site is visited from all over the world with top countries in 2022 being Ireland, UK, USA, Spain & Germany.

For all prices listed above we are also happy to share a post on social media.

All information must be provided and we reserve the right to refuse an advert if it is deemed inappropriate for the site.

If you have any queries please get in touch

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