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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a listing cost?

it’s free to add a listing. If you feel the site was of benefit to you a voluntary contribution toward site costs would be much appreciate. There are also options to pay for a featured listing or advert. Please get in touch if this is something you’d be interested in.

How many visitors does the site get?

Site visitors tend to vary depending on the Season. Prior to 2023 we only listed Kerry information and had 30k site visitors in 2022. As at Summer 2023 we began listing Nationwide Summer Camps – we were getting close to 10k visitors per month for the Summer months.

Where are you based?

I grew up in Connaught, went to college in Galway, lived in Dublin for 10 years, worked in Cork for a few years and Im currently a stay-at-home mum in Tralee, Co. Kerry.

What’s in it for you?

My sanity! Being with kids 24/7 can be challenging – learning how to build a website kept me sane during the covid lockdowns and I enjoy it now.